Hollywood on the Lake

Granted, inspired by the post on FB WRC, where I saw a picture of the car and thought, Hey there, Yet I've seen it!

Lancia Aurelia B52 Spider z 1953
Winner Group F: Hollywood on the Lake – Convertibles for a grand entrance at Villa d’Este

6 cylinders and 1.991 CC work of Pininfarina, arisen 2 cabrio i 3 or 4 cut, each piece slightly different.

Very good and good look with respect to the car did not touch, though I could ...

And here occurred to me another reflection, I've seen so many cars and I can honestly say, that almost all. Really great role in overclocking the counter was obviously Concorso. Now in retrospect I appreciate it even more. I recommend this automotive event and I look forward to 2017 when you go ...