Italian Car – Autoworld

Italian madness after belgijsku.

time for “nail program” that is why tłukliśmy up:
15 minutes in the car, 4 h bus, 1 an hour on the plane and 17 minutes train.

Maybe we have seen most of the presented cars, but the exhibition was interesting prepared. In one place and time gathered original and unique models. They were worth every minute…

Alley stars and admit, I saw that most first.

The combination of Pegaso suggests itself. apparently it was then fashion…

Siata V8

Fiat 8V Supersonic, 1953

Fiat 8V Neat, 1952

Alfa Romeo 6C 2600

Session of Italian beauties Alfa Romeo: Disco Volante z 1952 roku i Disco Volante by Touring Superleggera z 2013 years.

The rest of carrots

Admiring umilały olive trees and a fountain.

And there is no way to describe how it was Italian and divinely.