Raport Retro

In the whole of Paris is a lot of advertising informing about the Retromobile, and people flock.

Meet and talk about cars

travel, which somewhat stalled – jak Forda Model T. He ran 85 000 kilometers in the expedition, which lasted 3 years.

but motorists do not count the time unless, that such watches

and is very familiar (ducks on the street bagged two, Miniaki definitely lust in Paris, not even stopped to count them)


or even intimate.

Retromobile best to go with prog and after a few hours of madness lurk car against the wall, and the group of us do not eat like keeping an eye Car. Restaurants, which is crowded and some are a waste of time standing in a line.

and, as we are already at the US, This interestingly presented with CS Shelby GT 40 MK II

Shelby Cobra 427 S/C, CSX 4000 in 289 Street Version, CSX 8000

and Claude Dubois and professional race driver and Shelby American importer.