Citroen Conservatory

There is a place near Paris, where time has stood still. Looks like a factory complex of the 80s, and one of the halls hidden gems Citroen car.

The place is magical and really reminds me of a museum Guy, although in the stands more cars. However Conservatory visit, because he is one to watch.

There's a whole brand story told in cars


and a great sports career

The most characteristic is a duck, which dates back to 1939 years

then played Bond

and they were multiplied

no good unless they saw the duck all these freaks and there stand

the latter then I'm on to C1.

In all this confusion, it is worth finding the Paris one day and visit the conservatory Citroen, an unforgettable experience! Cars are too crammed and watching very disfiguring “chains” However, the accumulation of prototypes and conceptual models inconvenience reward.

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