that is, all the 100 euro. At the beginning of a short summary – is it worth it? It is worth, but only once.

The exhibition is divided into a part of the sales and hobbysytyczną and cars presentations. Gate prices. In cars, you can search a number of interesting gems Mercedes overwhelms Gullwingów, lots of ugly cars on F, and you'd think, that produced only Dino, F40 i Countach. But I still do not about this unique collection of ao Corrado Lopresto, which is next to the Pegasus made the biggest impression on me at the show.

the guy is an architect, collects prototypes and original Italian cars, Alfa and Lancia mainly.

For their cars scoops awards at the most prestigious competitions

And as he says, do not admire the exclusive Ferrari, interested in the original Italian design and unique models…

is to admire Lancia Florida, Alfa 6C 1750 April, 2500 Breton, Alfa Romeo aside Touring, Aurelia B52 Vignale…

And all around is beautiful

Day in Paris was marked 7 or 8 Miniaków perceived by, really, Here is a popular car! Visitation FIA and car dealerships and the rest tomorrow (not far from the car) and visit the conservatory Citroen'a.