13 Meters Before Paris

With these meters is overdone, but 13 days away from Paris and 15 of Retromobile. A stroke of luck we will have the opportunity to see these cars, which “escaped” us in museums and their “Release” had after our visits:

– the first fire Skoda: 966 Supersport (1950) i Popular Monte Carlo (1936),

– Mercedes 540 The Streamliner,

– Corrado collection of Alfa 6C Lopresto 1750 Aprile headed, Concours d'who won Confort Pebble Beach, Villa d'Este, Amelia Island, Goodwood i Chantilly!

And that anniversaries, birthday and a whole lot of cars, will treat!

– Pegaso collection,

– Citroën celebrates 60th birthday DS'a – Saloon, Convertible, Estate i SM,

– with "L'Aventure Peugeot» lions arrive anniversary:
# 50 years 204,
# 80 years 402,
# 60 years 403,
# 40 years 604 ,

– z National Automobile kolekcja Bugatti Royales

In the next issue

Winter season, as if nothing is happening but with us still hot, the temperature rises even more, that in the March issue of the motorist will visit Red.

Meeting and session were spontaneous Topaczu, on hurray and without preparation. We'll see how emerged.