Fast, vicious toro

Another iconic model, who made known the car with the sign of the bull was produced by Countach 25 years.

The museum is a car with the number one, basically a prototype, and the last “Anniversary”.

They did not know what to finish - inserted coins.

25 years have passed

We established the cult models – Diablo

and even the Lamborghini ATVs, trawją work on implementing the serial production of the next roadster.

Bat, Gallant, Huracan, Aventador… to brush away the most famous. Along the way, were the model less well known and popular. The museum on the first floor are “concept cary” produced in single copies and models anniversary, also one piece.

The most famous blue Lamborghini

even something hanging on the wall


Lamborghini is also a fast boat and racer

The museum is a must for all, even housewives and tractor drivers, is a feast for the eyes and a beautifully told story car, that dreams come true. I only wish, that few can afford “angry bull”, the museum you could at least watch them.