I did not expect, and yet angry bull liked the beyond measure, I can, however, rural baba and spin my quick tractors.

The museum is at the factory, but unfortunately until March 2015 visits were suspended on the production line, although it is worth to come and see the Sant'Agata Bolognese “bull” cars. The symbol means it does not come from farming or parmegiana Regino, and is simply a sign of the zodiac Lamborghini.

Already on the street in front of the factory is interesting and perhaps envy these gentlemen…

Lamborghini calmly produced myself tractors, made his money on them and bought a Ferrari. He was unhappy with the action in the clutch – Enzo proposed cooperation, but how great Ferrari could ask to "a tractor", refused, and Ferruccio himself perfected auto. Based on your car here all the Lambo V12, perfected what kulało, bodywork produced in Milan and so created 350 GTV.

Car production started – at the beginning it was hard, I like to convince buyers to luxury cars, which the manufacturer is famous for tractors. The breakthrough came with the Miura S, EN.

Looking at the car from the front, you can see the outlines of bull, big eyes with eyelashes, corners – air intakes and curiosity mounted only one mirror, which relates to kits for fires.

its modern interpretation