Adriano, Bruno the Marcello Cavalieri Ducati

How crazy is crazy, the cars came for motorcycles, of course – fast and red, as befits Italy.

The story is, as usual, twisted, and if not World War II was not to motorcycles.

Before the War brothers fascinated by the invention of Marconi produced radio, Camera, Cameras and even razor.

After the War, people do not need so “luxury” items, but rapid means of transport. Brothers produced engine “puppy”, which can be mounted on a bicycle frame.

Next went quickly, Motorcycles, records,


At the beginning of the motorcycles were silver and they all wanted to have “Fortunately, the horse” but the sign got Enzo.

Starting in professional, international competition have forced a change of color on the line with canon – Italy – red already been.

Wiper 70s, a tennis ball filled with moistened sponge and relaxation Ducati – unpainted, which allowed drivers understand how much fuel is in Baku.

And the rest is fast and even faster

and there is no valve springs only invented by engineers at Ducati mechanism. Visiting the museum is very nice, only a guide impose sharp pace, as for competitions GP, there is little time to enjoy the machines.

The factory spaces shooting. Everything looks very neat and professional, it may by Audi with German plates that fill a couple Parking? Motorcycles are manufactured to order and somehow all, that we have seen on lines already been sold. 90% originates in Italy, daily production is 120 in the winter season and 250 motorcycles in the summer. The factory has also Panigale Superleggera… one of 500 units produced.

Currently produced, most liked the Diavel

I would recommend the museum and factory tours – quickly and professionally – unforgettable experience even for those, who do not like motorcycles.