Horacio Pagani

Hmm, Well, you can write about the car for 1 300 000 euro in the basic version, made from carbon fiber with Kevlar, somewhere in the Italian province in the factory… Huayra

probably not, ¿e Zonda

I warn, the tour is more than the average road, and impressions – De gustibus non est disputandum.
Manufactory is located in the industrial zone of San Cesario sul Panaro, and how to produce a super luxury car it looks very poorly, garage like Mr. Edzia.

But the thing, engines are the Mercedes AMG, Of course V12 (You can feel the angry bull)

and the rest of the display of the Italians on the spot capable.

The interior of the car and the cockpit terribly tacky, of course, with the highest quality materials.

So, so, this carrying case is a trunk, on tissues and swabs in time.

And as far as the car itself can be enjoyed, This factory seeing the potential buyer should get away. Second, it, waiting patiently for two years (is produced annually 24 pieces, and the power is on 40 but lost something special for IT “bańkę”) and not worried about whether he will fold flush doors. Pagani test track no, tests on local roads (expensive in Modena on the track?). I do not know what a miracle of 1992 the company has managed to do such advertising and reputation, As in any case, you have a free one million euros is honestly recommend to set up a queue for Lamborghini and Pagani let go.

and at the end of the hallmarks Pagani quad exhaust.