Land of Engines

So, This land is the automotive basin. Number of private collections can make you feel dizzy, Collezione lurk at every turn. Interested we can pass the full list of applicants to show their collections automotive.

Magnat cheesy and weird friends manufacturer of stickers with the players got from the city car collection to preserve for posterity, and that in his youth he worked in Venezuela, It wandered to Hombre.

As befits farm – greeted by a collection of tractors,

Giovanni owner does not, despite previous extensive e-mail correspondence – even we did not show. I feel a hunger and bleed between the car alone is probably not the best idea. The collection can be viewed, but before yourself look better information about cars. Collezione Umberto Panini recommend if someone is just in the area and do not have much of an idea how to spend your day.

Of course, Maserati brand was dominant but there were also other stars:

– Cadillac is currently on time 355 of 1931 years,

– serce Dino,

– Other inventions,

– Queen Maserati,

and much more, so that red was not:

and at the end of a mystery what kind of car?