Pantera, Inc.

Today, plans were Pagani, but at the last minute, I mean yesterday evening press officer Laura wrote, they have to cancel our visit, because the client arrives (our master). Quietly, joining forces, we managed to find another available date and today's date on zagospodarowaliśmy…

rather, it, it was from the factory, De Tomaso.

The factory is bankrupt from 2004 years and Stop asking price makes, he still has not found a new owner.

Injury, because another piece of automotive history is lost forever, and that there could be such a beautiful museum.
Along the way, we had to recharge the batteries Ferrari views – for this purpose visited AutoLuce and its rich collection.

I'm beginning to truly have enough cars on the F and thus I type in Polish stereotypes. On the street view funny show, driving around with rags protecting the mask, These are, of course, and without security. In the living room there were also a Maserati, I like that it could not be, even in a factory Ferrari Maserati produce…

Along the way, crossed Miniak, fast was the bastard.

Our hotel is adjacent to a military barracks, is delightfully – at 8.00 motives are won, marches and other exotic melodies for Civil ear.

The balcony overlooks the park Enzo Ferrari.

and everything is steeped in fast red cars.

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