Maranello test drive

the great disappointment of Modena in the background went to the mecca of red cars in Maranello.

or a visit to the factory satisfy our appetite?

First we had to drive…

He greeted us great, black horse and perhaps the most “oklepany” view.

Next was a bit better

We all keep our fingers crossed for Schumiego.

Dino captivated me, the rest is not the first time, but I can not get over, it was not Testarossy!

Via Auto-taka – nijaki.

Well – I confess, I liked even TO Ferrari, but how much of it was merit the same presentation…

There was some educationally,

and the trip to the factory, we have only,

because a ban on shooting, anyway chłonęliśmy like a sponge every word the guide, drove around the Fiorano circuit, we saw a plane with the famous duel Gills Villeneuve and Ferrari MUCH, that further 30 Years is Enough. Is produced annually 7000 Cars, mainly to the PRC, USA i GB. The cheapest is California, and is waiting on her two years, about the rest. The owner first gets mapped perfectly in every detail of the ordered car model, and upon receipt of Ferrari organizes the event “The receiving”, of course, all included in the price of the car 😉
We saw the factory cars and cars “civil

(the new) Factory F1 cars during construction.

At the end of the obligatory visit to the most famous pub

and change the wheels.

A, Maserati that haunts me, after returning to Modena…

But I forgive Trójzębowi, at the end of this year celebrates centenary.

And that tradition has been done – Rating – both museums and I am sorry to write this, there are “weak”. Listed are few cars, lack of cross-cutting, flagship models and coherently narrated history. Situation does not save even factory, which jealously guards its secrets. For the lover of the brand I recommend, Let the rest of the packs her bags and goes to France…