The wheel assembly

On a beautiful Saturday morning explored the mysteries of the wheel, golden pages thermal blanket and police lollipops, that is, I was at the workshop “Female safe behind the wheel”.

The building WORDu a packed auditorium listened to a lecture – difference between summer and winter tires. Lecturer avoid answering difficult questions, but I understand the tire industry and the top was known, THESE questions that remain unanswered.

Glad, that the kobitki could learn what makes the tires and how they are built. I well know the tire structure tinkers with what takes place on the competition 🙂

Another presentation prepared by the police and the video screen in the background explained the difference between a collision of a road accident.

The third lecture was more practical – first-aid, rescuers factly explained very basic issues

and then proceeded to practice

what three heads are better than one

The square was the possibility of a collision at a speed of 14km / h – bardzooo unpleasant

alkogolach and driving with a plate of Stewart, which itself gave up

Workshops I think is very successful and should be done more often – may, however, in a slightly different formula. I think, it was a little too much people, group should be less so, so everyone can practice well the issues discussed, I would have liked more “driving” and very much regret, that there was no rollover simulator.

Police helped wrocławiankom