The mysterious acronym in the title means Blog Forum Gdańsk hottest event of the year on the blogosphere. Not been interested in it and did not choose to not yet… I am here and there at the same time.

Photo. Renata Dabrowska / FB

“The jury consisting of James Górnicki (, Bartosz Idzikowski
(, Christopher Gonciarz (, Karol Paciorek (, Natalia Hatalska (, Renata Dabrowska (Photographer), Grazyna Adamska (Mayor's Office. Promotion of the City of Gdańsk) chosen for the project, including 15 and bloggers from across the Polish vlogerów.

Thanks to the City of Gdańsk report will be presented also in the form
exhibitions. The vernissage will take place 25-26.10.14.”

I just visited me Renata Dabrowska, porozmawiałyśmy, pojeździłyśmy Marcos and GT, and the resulting images.

Photo. Renata Dabrowska / FB

And I decided to go to Gdansk, #Instagramers Wroclaw took in my car and everything seemed to be beautifully until… when women of a certain tire company grabbed me behind the wheel.