17. NarozeMini 2014

Rallye Monte Rusava seemed to be interesting, outside, that 2010 year at this point it was already organized This corner – This time the event alluded to the famous rally – 50 years since winning the mini Rallye Monte Carlo. Prepared three time periods and interesting route, Clubiemu but probably did not like the program, because he refused to cooperate 10 miles from home.

At the lights went out and did not want to fire up. Car was pushed onto the sidewalk and Maciek serenaded him a solid Strenna, looked under the hood and found nothing of interest. At the next intersection again stalled. After a long stop and examining all the possibilities we decided to go home and go to the Czech Republic Abarth. CLUB after hearing good news completely healed and bravely drove home. Repacked things and to rally Mini drove Scorpio.

There were already a lot of Mini and I marvel I found, despite the fact that their entire color to be boring. Cars was less than usual, to the very few interesting specimens.

Clubmany were two, This Hungarian had a beautiful wheels MM

At the corner of my favorite point of the program is the Night rally, Of course we took part in it, and this time. Proud crew number 13.

With music in the background, air conditioning and interior lighting is not the same, for high luxury. Others fought with fog and zero visibility.

On Saturday morning, with a precision of Swiss clockwork moved to the Rallye Monte Rusawa, along the way surprises awaited us:

and those prepared by the organizers

We rode well and did not feel discriminated against by the other participants, But this is not the same as the ride Mini. Temporary jobs Rally totally lay, the car was far too big for tight corners, I did not see the posts and was going to me hopelessly.

We were so early at the finish, that the organizers did not have time to prepare for us 13 task. After more than half an hour of waiting I could zaszpanować HHC, because the task was moved off the hill so, to wheels rolled down an inch. While waiting for dinner, and the results went for mushrooms.

In the evening, after the traditional hour lateness announced the results, team of Polish fared sensationally scooping most of the prizes. Group Krakow very jam fight for the result and incredibly experienced rally, former fierce the struggle of the Upper Silesian, we had a very “healthy” approach. While chatting with one and the other and did not see the two groups together. All are in the club and yet keep the “their clusters”, I think, however, better, that there were several Mini Clubs. Such a gap is not seen in the group of Hungarian… A tack marginesie, talked a little about the rallies and I think next year we will visit on “Krakoski”, organizers tremble.

On Sunday, we welcomed the sun, but we had it good because we came back home now, arrived, of course, no surprises. Now we review Clubiego, we already have some suspicions about his impotence and getting ready Marcos, who knows if not the most important rally of the year.

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