YOU Pleszewsko – Dobrzycki Historic Vehicle Rally

Hesitation about to leave we had a huge, even in the morning we were determined to end, or go. In the end we opted for, but it rained all night and day also announced precipitation Marcos was at home.

YOU Pleszewsko – Dobrzycki Historic Vehicle Rally “Trail residence landowners” this year was besieged by the crew, closed starting list of 80 -into the side crews, but it was much more willing. In that amount of cars went up a few interesting specimens

new old friend of our acquisition of Rydzyny

and my absolute favorite Glas

The rally was a palace in Dobrzyca, where after checking in at a total mess, which over time harnessed the organizers moved on route.

It got Jesiennie and you could enjoy the views, because itinerer was simple to oczytania

The palace Orli old Polish ugoszczono us and it was a hit, because I was not hungry anymore

Longer stop served to us in the square next to the castle in Koźmin Wielkopolski, there were three attempts “Sports”, tour of the museum and refreshments.

On leaving he did a terrible boiler, some time after the mess cleaned up the Fire Brigade and the start went smoothly. I got even offer help in pushing the car, because we as usual podjeżdżaliśmy to drive the pull-, so as not to burden the engine. I politely thanked but some were forced to use the help. After more than an hour waiting for their turn set off on the route.

Completion of the organized market in Pleszewo, where trophies were awarded, We also grabbed a fourth place.

In conclusion – I was surprised by the presence of Miniak for rally, and even more so when Pleszewo joined us the second, and the organization of the rally – is the first I would have to introduce an age limit for cars – of 1985 years. Watch the car from the 90s is dubious pleasure, particularly Audi and Mercedes-Benz in various configurations. Willing to share so many, that is to choose. The second and most important drawback for me was a very protracted start, Also for the subsequent steps. 80 Crews are a lot of cars and, as noted, our friend Colin, unnecessarily broke off in the morning and rushed to check in before 10, his start was after waiting more than an hour after 11. I, that we need to present to the people but three protracted losses, mess and hours of waiting somewhat spoiled the image of the event. This year, unless the number of participants surprised the organizers. The whole event was productive but easy and pleasant in time for the end of the season, and the organizers take care of the participants.

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  1. r4

    Rajd bardzo fajny. Trochę bałaganu przy każdym starcie. Wystarczyło podzielić auta na 3 grupy i puszczać kolejno. Rozczarowaniem było dopuszczenie do udziału w rajdzie Golfa II i to po lifcie, malucha z lat 90 tych i innych “Współczesnych”. Pan “Baleron” też okazał się podróbem. Pomimo że stylistyka auta nawiązywała do lat 20 ubiegłego wieku, to było w nim coś kiczowatego. Niestety z Nestorem Baronem jest trochę jak z reklamą KFC.
    Zabrakło też jadła i picia. Dziwne ale wszyscy trochę głodni chodziliśmy. Nie mam żalu do organizatorów, ale brak możliwości dokupienia porcji zupy i bułki zadziwił.
    Ogólnie super Wielka impreza.
    Już odliczamy czas do przyszłego roku.


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