It was not to be, yet… I was thrilled, I really like the Italian climate and azure sky straight from the Como.

This year the event returned to the vicinity of Warsaw in picnic style. Sympathetic palace in Rozalin and rally program perfectly fit to be called the Concorso d'Eleganza, because the motto was held this year ForzaItalia.
We came first in the company of Lancia, organizers were prepared and we were able to surprise them.
After a noisy arrival Alfików (who won the award the club)

the official opening of the rally

and briefing, we went into the race,

which was nicely routed side roads, questions were bearable for it as usual polegliśmy on “Photos”.

Upon arrival we were waiting lectures – 40 Alfa Romeo Giulietta the lat historia The Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este

and cars

luxury was not enough

beautiful classic not too much

and the raisins were

I have a feeling, that the cars were generally less than 2012 in 2013 years, strange, I probably closer to Warsaw can not be. Very disappointed in Abarthach a single 500 and gusting up to three Punto, not to mention the classics, because these were ZERO.

At the end of wygoniliśmy tarantula

announced the results

and went to party

and I'm worried about one, organization is becoming more and more German – everything is like clockwork, buttoned up and professionally prepared. Thought of everything…

But maybe we just need a good time?

At the same time took place Bytomska parade and never for a moment regretted, that we are not there!

3 Replies to “ForzaItalia”

  1. tlen

    Czytam i oczom nie wierzę.
    Na fotkach piękne klasyki – Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato, Alfa Giulia spider, Fulvia coupe, Fiat 124 spider, a poza tym nieuwiecznione 3 fiaty 500, stada zabytkowych Vesp , Fiat 132, szereg starych Maseratek, masa klasycznych Alf etc. etc. , a czytam że “not to mention the classics, because these were ZERO. ”

    Jak mawiał Kwinto: Trzeba było uważać.

    • Goshia

      zdanie jest wyrwane z kontekstu, na blogu przytoczony fragment odnosi się do Abarthów, zabytkowych nie było na zlocie.


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