What went wrong.
Ju proved home, that the repair but no sense, is damaged hose from the radiator, water pump and of course the head gasket set. The full set. Maciek already working in the garage, and I hope, Motoclassic that manage to start the car.

What we decided.

We're not going to IMM to England, I myself am surprised by his decision… outside, it had to go Clubim, that everything is paid for and reserved.
Gentelmeni not argue about money, but it is not a matter of financial, the mentalna.
I feel sorry for club members only meeting with CER (Clubman Estate Register), with whom we had camped and MMOC (Mini Marcos Owner Club), which we had time to visit and integrated in life.
We decided to take the long route “normal” car, I feel sorry for our monuments. Next year we're going to Lake Como Abarth, Miniakami can go for IMM 2016 – see who will win the vote and get the organization of the rally.