Automobiles Champagne

The night was full of experience, the whole hotel shook, vibrating windows and doors, because at the nearby roundabout, milling and laid the asphalt. I thought, that go crazy. Morning effect turned out to be impressive, surface was located.

Walking started, of course, from the Automobile Museum, Although already were losing hope, I opened it late but still. Ghastly and horrible receptionist spoiled little puppets take all.

Museum gives the impression of a neglected, abandoned and set design resembles a class D horror but I loved it.

Not so much exposure, because this is hopeless, Same Co. eksponaty, was a couple of cars, which so far have not seen.

There were also some old posters, Toys and resoraki.

From the museum we went to the cathedral on the way visiting workshops, us in this tube uraczono.

Took a walk around the city and returned to the hotel, take a car.

The second approach revealed another fault – water pump stopped working. Long time no wondering, there was no point repairing, phone for assistance ended our trip to Le Mas. We had taken out one more night in the hotel, a lady on the hotline after realizing, that it came to us air conditioning in the car informed us, the tow truck will be on Thursday morning.