On Saturday, the highway is going to be nice to less traffic and most of all no trucks. Quickly drove A4 Polish and German arrived at the campsite on the outskirts of Chemnitz.

Along the way, was not without listening and constant monitoring of all indicators in the car luckily everything was fine.

We crossed 334 km and is the maximum daily distance passenger Marcos, further and longer ride is too tiring.
Chemnitz welcomed us with a speed limit of 30 km and the crowds aiming for a concert. The surrounding fields were transformed into a great campsite, I was terrified, whether it will be a place for us to camp. Unlike previous years, the first time we decided to make a reservation and do not go “on the element”, had designated campgrounds only addresses. The campsite greeted us goats and availability. I could breathe. We pitched in and went to the store, shoot something for dinner. After the meal we went to visit local attractions.

From the city przepłoszył us rain, moreover, it rained all night…