Word Oława

We had the infamous plan to leave early enough Icarus, that at 15 check in Oława and meticulously count the cars. Over the weekend we changed plans and ideas, go blue, red…

In the end we got from the organizer “display” remain until the end of the rally, and familiar with the yellow Fiat warned us, Oława that stop at the market is not a good idea. It was two years ago and has unpleasant memories, the market is extremely tight and people are squeezing between cars, often drawing them! This negative assessment determined the staying until the end of the rally and return home in the picnic atmosphere.
Along the way on the highway we created quite a serious threat, because the traffic was considerable and the people ahead of us slowed, took pictures, recorded “Yeti” or did “glonojada”. Sometimes it was extremely fun.
Warnings about the very successful location proved to be justified and Sofo Sofo your opinion in 100% be confirmed, that is well, that the letter was not.