Peugeot Muzeum

We visited the cave lion under very tasteful logo

"Aventure Peugeot" Museum has in its collection

120 Car, 50 Bicycle and over 500 other exhibits,of which my favorite is the hammer

There were also captivating coffee grinders, and store beautiful contemporary kitchen sets and that of her brothers began the history of Peugeot.

Kitchen Tools, Farm to finally produce bikes, cooperation with Daimler resulted in cars

The world's only copy of the type 4 Vis a Vis “Marguerite” – 1894

In 1905 Peugeot withdraws from Daimler engines.

and of course sports history

we found a temporary exhibition on prototypes, were beautiful and very innovative

and finally as the story of the movie

The museum is very climatic and clearly in French style. Very pleasant to do visits, interestingly arranged exhibitions and above all make cars, he wants to be even more "Aventure Peugeot".