Mercedes-Benz Museum

The second point on the map today – Mercedes Museum. The building itself is already interesting, we walked from the parking lots and store and drove the escalator to the second floor where the adventure begins with “star”.

We go to the elevator as the time capsule, which takes us to the top floor and there we meet the horse and…

DNA helix descend lower level and start a feast for the senses
– the oldest existing Mercedes – Simplex z 1902 years.

the next level down

cars are also useful

spiral has no end

fixed point of the program

the smallest coefficient of resistance

and finally racing history

took advantage of the rally driving simulator, fun, I recommend!
1938 and speed record – sześciokołowcem, This on the back of it with the years and it looks like a modern car. It has beaten the record speed on a public road – more than 400 km / h, to this day no one beat.

Also went to showrooms, which naturally connect to the museum, there was also a lot of enthusiasm.

The museum is interesting organized, exposures cars delight, 160 Mercedes gorgeous and the story told in an interesting way, necessarily have to see!