Back to the Wild Wines

There is nothing better than starting the season with the top C, ie at the rally organized by Classic Cars Classifieds.

We went Clubim, which inaugurated a new route S8. Goes – I will not say, easily, but about 80 km from Wroclaw surprised us inequality and waves on the road. No cóż, the road has been open just over a week ago, has the right to be uneven… To 100 miles it started to rain and did not stop until the evening.

We checked in at the assembly point and immediately waited us the task of automotive knowledge, rules of the road and trying to fitness.

Friend was a lot of, Thick Benek cared for board, and the rain did not stop raining. We set off on the route and I was nervous because the first stage ran through the streets, I do not like.

We passed the technical examination at the airport and flew away on a sample of the Efficiency. Clubi had had enough of the rain and wet electrical cables began to fail, helped reliable carton.

Worn out with no major surprises arrived at the finish.

In the evening, announced the results – got a special prize and beautiful, a sweet surprise.

Check out successful, but cheerful spared us. CCL effectively reminded us, that organize rallies at the highest level and that in them is going to 110%. Tasks and puzzles were so many, that was enough to for the next two rallies. We are tired but positive!