What awaits us in Stuttgart?

„24 Hours for Eternity. Le Mans. "

Porsche w Le Mans – temporary exhibition in honor of the famous race. Do 5 May will be on display 919 Hybrid, research laboratory fastest and most complex racing car Porsche, ever built, later the car will go to fight in the race. We remain to watch over 20 different cars of the legendary 24-hour race in the Porsche 908/2 Spyder z 1969 years, Porsche 911 T/R z 1971, Porsche 911 3.0 RSR z 1974, Le Mans Winner Porsche 936 of 1977, Porsche 935 of 1979, Porsche 911 GT2 Le Mans, 962 Dauer GT Le Mans, LMP1 and the WSC 1998 years. The accompanying car show historical stories about the famous race and technological innovation – in muscle, disc brakes with Porsche 956 and log Ferry Porsche from the collections of enterprise archive will provide a journey through time.
The weekend race Porsche Museum will be open for the first time in history 24 hours without a break – Saturday 14 June to Sunday 15 June race can be seen live on several monitors in and around the building of the museum and admission will be free!