Start of the season

Season 2014 abounds in the start of the season. The weekend served to classics until two events, the hardest part in both, we chose organized by Pertolhearts. It seems, that in Wroclaw polarity are two strong groups, and a few free electrons belong to both. Is it good? I do not know – you may want to join forces and work together and maybe the city is so big and there is space for action for more formal groups and informal associations and sympathizers old youngtimers. Important, that something is happening.

The plan had a beautiful, Red left the garage, have driven our shakedown and even a little more and set off on his first spot. And this is enough, because after a powerful gas depnięciu (oh what a phenomenal impression) rebelled and barely returned home. Caught up yet for a photo session during a stop on the side, and we skwaszeni responded to the questions of passers-. One thing is certain arouses great interest in the way. The house quickly swapped cars and drove hurry Clubim – without mounted wiper. Fortunately the weather was beautiful and the rain did not threaten us.

On-site talked, stood and came home. There were a lot of cars but most very disappointing – przeważały tuning fury i bardzo youngtimery 🙂