Motor Show that is on the trail of a red car

The beautiful spring Sunday we decided to go to Poznan and see what the automotive world of hear. Morning to get up and change time has been awarded almost empty road and quickly checked in at the fair, which can be summarized as – nothing has changed:

reigned long legs

crowds stormed luxury cars

the more expensive the nicer

people are just people and steal for power. Fell prey to the knob of the gearshift rod and auto rest of the exhibition has now closed.

was a moment to ponder - thou art dust and unto dust

in “badziewiaki”

I stared at the big cars

and Maciek on big wheels

together hunted red cars asking tough questions - what is the color. Disgusted and surprised exhibitors answers, that the red. The Mercedes even added, palette that Mercedes and without klaru.

Novol saved the situation by saying, that it is "oplowski of the 70's" no I would not give head (and it should not be the case RR Flame Red?). The more I look at this shade matched to corporate colors ...

My fears were confirmed New Warsaw does not represent anything, the more the spirit of motoring, that, not to mention the historic. It is ugly, an even nastier wheels and the badge of Warsaw is the only desecration and used only by playing on people's sentiments and the publicity ... I do not know what it is for a project, probably just thrust onto the glass's, car frame and engine BMW body "zerżniętym" from a typical American's - in a word, no idea, freshness and this thing which we call the soul of the automotive industry. No cheered and I will not be rooting for this project.

the second part will…