K2 test Sigma

Sigma K2 is a liquid product for the care of rubber tires and other components in the car, is designed lustred, nurture and protect. The carton is a bottle with a capacity of Sigma 500 ml i aplikator.

The whole application is a snap, you only need to remember that the tires were clean.
K2 Sigma is smooth, has a slightly sticky consistency and is oily. Surprising is the smell, which resembles hard candy. Handling is easy as is their application on the tire – no need to rub, enough sponge to wipe the tire with the product once took to shine and intense black color.
Photo 1 - The overall appearance of the product

Photo 2 – application

Photo 3 - Result

I am happy with the result, fast application, easy to use product, and tires represent a perfectly. Encouraged by the effects of K2 Sigma will apply also to the seals and rubber parts in the car.