Europe we drove away

Is Mini 40 is such a rarity?

Undoubtedly, it is a limited edition. At various rallies Mini abroad is, however, one of the numerously represented raisins, This year can make, that the car enjoys such popularity. Our native regulars praise rallies Warsaw as established best steer the whole of Europe. Sorry colleagues, but Europe long ago we drove away from the Mini. Let's start with the nearest neighbors, Czechs always envied their beautiful Cooperów and wymuskanych Mini, not to mention the sports 1275Gt, that makes my heart beat faster. Marcosów also have several ... The Czechs are also incredibly meticulously restored vintage car rallies and always admire their beautiful state collector. Germany has a very manicured copies, which praise the rallies of antique cars, more commonplace drive continues every day on the road. The Benelux countries were lucky to several, only dedicated to them, limited edition Mini, like the French. Cars are a bit less flattering but often represent a state factory (so what, that undermined the tooth of time) but how original. Slovenia has so "amazing" Mini, I will not comment on them is a must see! Serbia also pulled on the list, I know their Miniaki - are in beautiful original condition of years 70 and earlier ... Real raisins. Thoughts on Mini conclude at IMM in England, in 2009 was organized in vast areas, So I can understand colleague, that the business case did not allow him to visit and above all, watch the thousands parked Minaków. I found my uniques there: I saw Broadspeed, full color, era and Cabriolet, 1100 Special, Wildgoosa, de Ville, Wooda & Picketta, Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf and I hope, and that this year invigoration eyes such raisins. From the list of lesser-known recommend watch for, because there are some: pickup, 1275GT, Ritz, Chelsea, Park Lane, Mini Rose, Sky, Paul Smith, Brooklands, Cosmopolitan, Studio 2, Italian Job, 25, 30, 35, 40 and I'm not afraid saying that they will be there all!
Finally – Wroclaw is probably closer to the Mini Europe ...