Risks physicist

An important event in the small world of motoring Wroclaw was a lecture from the series Red Bull Risks physicist at the Technical University of Wroclaw – guest and practitioner was Michal Kosciuszko, theoretician and moderator Dr. Eng. Adam Sieradzki.

Students and do not necessarily, among whom were many of our friends, flocked to the Cultural Area.
I began to, not that I did not like University of Technology, but technical university commits to something ... After a hot welcome rally driver assigned him the microphone refused to obey. The fight lasted half an hour, Finally, after two failed attempts Michal Kosciuszko was able to run the microphone.

The upper part of the screen obscured by scaffolding with headlights, Presentation refused to obey when viewing the movie and watched the "big squares". This is not the end - were badly arranged seats callers
- Obscured the screen and for that could not be remotely operate the presentation.

It's so much technical notes, Now the merits of the. Not enough was Kosciuszko. The doctor was trying to be funny, but a little lost in the testimony and did not allow the driver to come to the voting. I think, that the presentation was very interesting and not necessarily prepared well matched physical issues. Podzieliłabym into two distinct parts – physics of the car and the traffic, moreover, with surprise I found, that the program actually presented theoretical improvement drive - the first level.

Michal Kosciuszko made me a very good impression and most importantly interesting talked about his experiences in World Rally Championship. At the end of the hall could ask questions and the "brain" technical university revealed the cosmic question of whether Michael WRC drive a Lotus (fell even the name Ferrari)?!?
I have more questions, thank you!