Once again I had the opportunity to visit Autoworld – car museum in Brussels, where temporary exhibitions are organized, hence there will always be something new and interesting to see. This time, the theme of which was the home production of Minerva.

It is true that I am not a fan of cars from the beginning of the last century but watched with interest the extremely rare automobile.

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Rush, F1 i Cooper S

Photo. peterwindsor.com

So, finally lived to see and charged the mandatory position motofani this year, or watched Rush (I prefer the English name). As is common I already prepared myself substantively, I read a review, Pets Pets and most of all the available information about the characters and story. There was no indication on the relationship of Mini yet…
To my surprise film James Hunt “privately” drove a Cooper S – Several shots car. I wonder if this was indeed the, check 🙂
– Finally, a good looking with a great “grain” as the racial film befits the late seventies, and no razor gives the eyes HD, Full i 3D,
– actors perfectly assumed the character played, maybe a little bit better is Daniel Brühl.
– I am, however, somewhat lackadaisical Automotive but for me it was not enough races, shots of cars and racing cars. I would like to see even one full circle on a track with long shots throughout the frame duel both drivers and not jerky frame and zoom. In this whole poetry showing the artistry and beauty of the F1 drivers.
And finally, of course, I was not disappointed but not enraptured, “wajchowania” racing was less but still…