Abarth works museum

Not far from Brussels, Lier in an inconspicuous hangar is a temple, Abarth and a living museum.

So I called this place for several reasons. Going inside, I felt like Alice in Wonderland. In the middle of przesympatyczny owners greeted me and I was enchanted – around I see a beautiful Abarthy, but it is not here begins my journey, enter the great hall where as the eye could stand cars, However, we pass it quickly and for the next door is a third hall - the largest, Here cars stand also on the shelves and hanging on the walls like magic shop. I stay alone and penetrates the room methodically, car after Auci. We are happy to discover Nyska (not to mention yet) in 3 Miniaki in this lovely mysterious Cooper CS on the glass, Skoda is also from the Czech Republic, large collection of Autobianchi, some 500 including pickup, Fiats Field…

I'm going back to the other hall here admire Moskvitches, Polonaise and Fiat's Polish team - Guy collects all the teams racing, and the car is so technical - Fiat station wagon and just Nyska as a service car, Team Rally Guy, Lambo, which stands for service, Fiat magic 125, which could be a good look, Fiaty X 1/9 and you could just replace and exchange, Maserati biturbo, Multiple, also available Beach car…

You can quietly watch, look into the interior, around and look at the details - enjoy the beauty of the automotive industry, and in this lies the whole point of this museum. This is not a museum for ordinary people just for enthusiasts, who appreciate the manner of presentation and the lack of it and unfettered contact with cars. I'm going back to the main part of the entrance, I go there the stairs to the second floor where you can admire the hall and placed second exposures 1001 trinkets Abarth.

Downstairs is a bar, projection room library with several books in Polish with dominant rule by Sobieslaw.

Here we talk about our passion. Guy gives her more than 30 years, accumulated over 120 cars of which 80 is for sale. Laughs, that the sale of the car immediately buys the next, and so, in principle, has a fixed number of "exhibits". Cooper recently sold, one of the first which produced, on 30 years, he went to Germany.
The museum operates from Lier 2007 year, and I think, that is a perfect place, slightly off the beaten track in the charming neighborhood of a small Belgian village.
But the world is small because from word to word turns out to be, the mechanic is that the Czech Republic belongs to the Prague Club Mini and sometimes on IMM-ah and at the corners. We go to him, Lada Niwea just preparing for Paris Dakar rally, talk, Mini maniacs are everywhere ....
The owner has high requirements for automobile – his favorite car for everyday driving a Lada, Fiat racing 131 and every day and so goes the "new" Multiple - is large and comfortable talking.

We talk about the rides in the great classics - Classic Boucles de Spa (takes part of its 6 Cars), RMCH (may 2015 year start but has an unflattering opinion – is not the first person ...) and, finally, the Fiat of Polish – Fiat Abarth 124 group IV Jaroszewicz, which took part in the 2012 w Rally Giants w Polsce.

He has an invitation to the Polish Rally Historical and may decide in the next year, he says his schedule is always full and has to divide his time between "living museum" and starts. In 2014 France co-organized rally Abarth, we certainly have it in my plans - contemporary cars of the character of a scorpion are welcomed. Anyway, I "Blades of eyes" on the beautiful classics - only if after seeing this collection has something to amaze me?
So I could listen endlessly, Guy because he charmed me with his affection, nice disposition and great passion.

I got the wings and I'm glad, that this unusual museum is only for the initiated, I can too open and accessible nature to shake his affection owner, maybe I'm wrong? Maybe that infects "stubborn" love for the beautiful, racial, sports cars? In any case, for motomaniaka Guy Moerenhout'a Abarth Museum is a must.