Monza is Marcos rides

Lying under Miniakiem, or to ride on that is the question. And how do both, in what proportion and that the seat in the middle or condition and “burial” the engine is already a reckoning for lying? These questions came to my mind after reading another fascinating statements about the Mini. Skipping the fact, so enlightened that the author claims he was not able to look online for information on the version of Monza, for that dialing a on the keyboard and let the ether analysis of usage Mini has indeed. Unfortunately, such behavior Following more, the owner of the car can be all but Mini is not suitable for all. I read in the newspaper automotive, EA MINI / Mini (definitely the first more) eyes buys, yes is the domain of women, but the guys on the take?
A garage was airing and Marcos went to the first test. It is well, returned as the two previous!

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  1. Goshia Post author

    kupiliśmy z otwieranym dachem bo nie mieliśmy wyboru, ale wczoraj dziękowałam że właśnie taki trafiliśmyjazda z otwartym jest fenomenalna.


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