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and in the meantime….
feel rot and it is by no means a result of recent flooding. Unfortunately, once again, I found out how wrong and steeped in the environment envy Mini owners. Of course, that generalization, "concrete" is doing well, only cares about its own interests and pozjadał have all the answers.
What about it?

Firstly – once again organized an exhibition in Wroclaw Mini, this time in Magnolia. Again, was settled quietly between friends rabbit selection of cars, even the word no one mentioned on the forum, not asked, invited or even informed. The funniest and perhaps most tragic is the, that a few days before the show graciously invited the owners of mini-parade. Apparently came 7 – 9 miniaków and praise them. I just do not think this is what this is all about.
On the other Community - Forum flying JADEM. Long zwlekaliśmy description of cars, Maciek sensed what will happen ... My brief description of the car attracted a lot of controversy. The funny thing is, that "subject experts" can not even deny saying factory vehicle documents, that the manufacturer was wrong and did not know what produces. Notes on continuing education programs provide only the level of the author, and are the sad witness. As it happens, that profoundly studied the entire history of our cars (the third has a:)), I got to the factory specifications, brochures and archival papers. Prepared a special briefcase with historical information for each of our three cars and descriptions of tormenting Maciek. Anyway, I like talking to presentations about the history and interesting facts about cars and I have more to say than: smooth and rides.
I love the Mini and climate which bring together, but unfortunately, Polish and in particular “forumowy” writing is mildly slightly stale.

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