We're going home or cleaner Bucket List

Of course at night which? Rain and storm, I should have to get used to it, but this time could forgive. So I wanted to collapse the tent dry and nothing in this. Taught by experience congestion przedwczorajszego invented on the go 6 in the morning and drive through Vienna before the morning peak, the more, that we needed to get to the other side and cross the Danube. The plan we went with a small 5 minute and we were slipping behind the gate camp. Carefully defeated another street and a little misdirection my navigator has been on the beat, horror when I saw, that is chasing us for cleaner sidewalks.

The red light caught us mercilessly trumpeting. The passenger of the original vehicle was our colleague. What an incredible twist of fate to meet the 7.30 in Vienna on the street right 500 miles from home. We talked, We laughed and sped on, each in his own direction. We traveled, going and going. The weather was a dream for such a long route – clouds and chilly. The Czech land we felt much relaxed, familiar areas of the corners greeted with joy. Of course, there were some iron products in Perry: Kofola, dumplings and Margotek and on our favorite station in Miedzylesiu not relied temptation sausages and coffee. We're home. CLUB victoriously drove around 13 the house, and so ended IMM2013.