Auto Viennese

Morning, As usual I, went into battle Vienna. Already at the bus stop and we heard our countrymen admire KRAS. Then I changed to a subway and after 11 przestankach we were in the center of. Equipped with a free map of the trail campsite set ourselves sights to see. Of course we paid also attention to those moving.

I, as usual, came up with a buggy or boat – chaise cost 55 za euro 20 minutes. Zawlekliśmy over the Danube and found, we have several options to choose from, skusiliśmy on version B.

Half hour cruise on the Danube starting and ending in the channel for 19 euros per person. 30 minutes of this we have in the lock waiting for the water falls 3,5 Subway. It was very nice and we had a seat on the bow.

Tired but happy we returned to the campsite, along the way we discovered a wonderful villa in the style of the Indian and the house of Wagner.

Everywhere accompanied us into Polish, I felt quite at home only those buildings there, such a more dignified…