History once again repeated itself – morning sun shone beautiful. At breakfast, I felt at home only instead of two sępiących dogs were ducks, never regretted the rolls.
Nourished left, in front of us was a difficult day and 331 km.

We chose the road away from the highways, quiet and empty were our allies. We were able to enjoy the views, enjoyed by speeding at breakneck speed (gusting) of 80 km / h. Several times almost landed on Slovenia. After a long and tiring road undoubtedly returned to the city gates of Vienna and began. Unfortunately for us, we were there about 15, paralyzing traffic. This did not prevent other drivers to talk to us about Clubim standing at the traffic lights in traffic, I was terrified. Finally, we managed to get to the campsite and here another shock.

Turned out to be closed and grandfather janitor told us and a few confused drivers camper, that the season will not begin until 1 June and until then will only camping Vienna West. I wanted to cry, Maciek drove to navigate the new address – do celu 11 km.
And so, in the hellish heat, traffic, completely not knowing the city were pushing almost through the center of our new campsite. I was completely shattered and nervous, it seemed to me, that the temperature of the engine reaches a critical level immediately, and you can not drive. We were able to overcome these infernal 11 km and luckily we arrived. My black visions of the lack of places did not come, even the lady at the reception spoke Polish and after 16 massacred a pitched.

Nothing that day did not, only good Italian wine dinner in the accompaniment of rain, of course,.