Complain Erfurt

Morning packaging and in the way. At night, as the anger did not rain but I was happy with the fixed wall. The 12 at night tended to fall on the idea of ​​how we can unite bed in a small room, and the complex operation we slept like angels.

After 260 miles were on site. Lake presented a less spectacular than the Garda but it was beautifully. After the mandatory procedures for camping, organize our grip went elegant pedestrian and bicycle trail to the city. The tumor behavior – hit on a public holiday and the city was like a ghost. We could not eat because the restaurants were closed, work only cafes. In the end we managed to find an open kebab with reliable Turks.

As we walked back to the campsite and began to darken considerably colder, already there is a bad storm unleashed, Of course it rained in the evening. The night was awfully cold, and only two winter sleeping bags, rescued us from the cold.