Lido di Spina

In the morning we packed up and left with no regrets Imma. It is true, before the exit gate stood another hour, I insisted Maciek, that will signpost. And so he could not, but at least it was short. The road was sunny, at the beginning of a winding crazy but nice, Our goal was to Venice. The original plan had selected camping by the sea and about 2 km after passing the grief I made a sun and a nice day spent in the car. We turned back and it was a good decision. Not only, that the camp was on the sea is still the cheapest, like his shop. Of course we had to stand at the gate for their siesta, and so we shortened the 10 minutes bodyguards, I did a plug camper entry, that blocked the street. Then I had to chase the security guard showed us the place and we started to holiday.

The sea and warm sand compensated for all. After the break quickly went to the beach with the intention of sun and lying. Strong wind and sand zasypujący we crossed our plans, we went to the beach to the mouth of the port in the next town. After returning to the campsite we made a feast and then a garage – Mack finally managed to fix the direction. In the evening came the storm, and how and rain but thankfully short because the wind przewiał clouds.