Monte Baldo

Wound on pobudka 6 morning – I can not get rid of the habit… With barely lived to see 7 and made its bustle incentive for camping. Anyway, I do not know how people can relax and sleep there – campground is located along the main thoroughfare, and the noise from the street is the ruthless.

Well before 9 we arrived at the valley station, and he who gets up in the morning, proved to be, that catch the promo ticket to the top of. Without hesitation, we bought a one way ticket and so we had to descend on their own feet in advance. Accompanied by a few tourists pulled into the 1760 m npm. It was sunny and brisk but incredibly beautiful. Took a walk, admiring the views and podglądaliśmy fun marmots.

The way back was a hell of a – steeply down, kamieniście and looong. Recent km from 11 we went led by olive groves but did not make it easier, dropping stones, stones of which it was necessary to jump – I already had a vision, I'm not able to go further. On asphalt I took off my sneakers and walked barefoot, Maciej had sore feet into the blood. After descending, 3 h 46 my 51 seconds later massacred soak your feet in Garda waiting 2 hours at the end of the siesta to buy oil for your car. I love their sanctioned laziness, there is nothing better than to waste 2, 2,5 and even 3 hours in the middle of the NIC. Finally, the pain in the ass siesta ends and shopping back to the campsite and there's a surprise – miniak friend from Slovakia.

After exchanging greetings, relationship with the route and attractions insanely tired of the way we went to sleep, but the noise from the road constantly bothered me.