Morning, Finally, in the company of the Sun overcome Pass Brener, Italy welcomes us with heat and more sun.

Alps proved to be not terrible, The road led through the valley is a little steep gradients. We drove slowly, admiring the views and enjoying the way. It got a little worse after the Italian – driving the truck at a snail's pace CLUB somewhat got very hot. We had to stand to cool down – line because the temperature almost dangerously pointed red. The more, that obscure the grill from the inside carton, which would protect the electrics from the rain. Now I had to remove it. We also took the opportunity and quickly in the summer we changed things.

Finally, we saw the beginning of the Garda.

Attracted by the views of one little misdirection arrived at the campsite and waited us first encounter with the Italian reality – sit. We waited almost an hour and finally we were able to check in and break up the olive grove. We went into town for compulsory purchases. It is picturesque and sunny, Finally, I feel like a vacation.
Maciek checked the oil – not done that yet this season. I'm mad at him- Always ask before you go or check fluids, as he could before such a difficult route did not check the oil! Of course there is much below the minimum, We have too little inventory. The plan for the next day – Monte Baldo i 2 litry oleju!