We get up early in the morning and in the company of clouds drizzle and sometimes we go to Innsbruck.

City of lively night only we cross we have in family pension in Mutters. Pniemy sharply and finally arrive at our destination. The village is a typical alpine, our house too, leads him multigenerational family-grandparents, daughter and dog. The latter is very important, has even issued an album in the reception, You can pet him but only on the head.
We have room in the attic, the whole is decorated in wood. Between downpours we are able to walk around and see Mutters. We are accompanied by the smell of cow's reigning all-together, which does not change the fact, that is captivatingly beautiful, around the mountain peaks, at the bottom of Innsbruck. After the walk we attack a sauna but it appears closed so we end the day at the pool. Miniak staying overnight in a garage in the company of Mercedes and Audi of other guests, who congratulated us of the original car.

Rano po szynce szwarcwaldzka albo innej 🙂 w towarzystwie śmierdzącego sera pożegnaliśmy gościnne progi Tyrolu. I am very pleased, that we spent two nights there in a tent – as originally planned but in boarding houses. This morning, the hostess told us, it was snowing in the mountains, ao cold and the rain still will not mention. Now the end of the luxuries – Finally, you need to pitch a tent – attack Italy.