Rally in Rydzyn second day

Since this morning, unfortunately the rain did not stop raining, After breakfast in the company of the French team went to lectures on the automotive industry:
Wojciech Krugiełki – Driving historical in poor visibility and Thomas Liman – Opinion of experts, as an attachment to the application for vehicle registration in the register of monuments. They were less thrilling than in previous years, because it is not directly related to the history of motoring, which I listened with great interest. This time, the experience proved to be the most interesting lectures students, which we are happy to share.

End of like two years ago was held in the ballroom, except, this time it was not snowing but the rain.
Despite its second question on the rally and blindness and perhaps inability to count to five, we managed to open the season pucharkowy.

In good spirits, rain and leaky rear windows came home.
A few year's observation – Our card with information about the car, that issue for glass aroused great interest, because most thought, that we want to sell car. It was nice to also watch the interest of the people, smiles of satisfaction which aroused the Club for children and above all a twinkle in the eye of the older ones when I sat behind the wheel. One small enthusiast mom could not break away from the steering wheel, one resigned from the storming of the Mercedes as he learned that he can sit behind the wheel of a car Mr. Bean. We were also so dubbed Maciek is Johnny and I Beans – nie wiem czy mam się z tego cieszyć 😉