XI Historic Vehicle Rally “Castle Rydzyn 2013”

May Day has been a tradition for us to participate in the Historic Vehicle Rally in Rydzyn. This year, I paid even prestigious raid Tatra, to start again from the castle courtyard. Rallies in Rydzyn have its own unique climate and atmosphere, I also love SIMPu enthusiasm and positive spin.

The place, as usual, arrived ahead of time but we were able to enjoy the historic ambience. Befriended met a team from the previous year and the crew of Fiat 125p with Beef. This surprised me Wrocław, I also came two Mercedes giving time 4 car from Lower Silesia. Until now, we were raisins, which is a pity because the distance is only 95 miles and this road is good, niedziurawa what more could you want.
After check-in, briefing and photo shoot with Les Danseurs du Roy, accompanied by volleys of cannon went on tour.

The road led picturesque spots, we were able to pry a couple of cranes tokujące – whole 6 pieces.

We drove by KŁODAWA, Czernina, Chruscin, Witoszyce, Siciny, Olbrachcice to the Wschowa end stage.

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After a brief presentation on the market we went to the second stage a bit confusing. Next we drove through the ELM Leke and the way zaliczyliśmy ride on trolejach, which traditionally did not came and Leszno fitness test, where dialed time, which has long been hard to beat. Finally beat me friendly driver Fiat X1 / 9, I forgive who deposed.

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At the end of the castle waiting for Maciek shooting to target shooting and quad slalom. As soon going, that the camera could not focus.

Driving through rain accompanied us Leszno, similarly on tests of fitness, then turning into a downpour. After 19 we were back at the castle, tired, wet but happy.