The story of the equalizer

All of the progress of work on the GT would be great, if not annoying brake fluid leak. Locate and determine the cause of Mack came very quickly – was damaged brake equalizer. Old age is not happiness. Unfortunately, part is irreparable and as to the “duperele” costs a lot. Without that widgets can ride but it is very nice and the inhibition does not necessarily look like it should. Can be combined with substitutes, dwururkowego assembly “something” and other pantenty, the only question is what, some reportedly breaks down once 20 years, and the time offset expenditure £ dozens.
Freshly, brand new just before assembly.

A history looks like…if the car występowałby equal distribution of braking forces at the axles, This would lock the rear wheels too early and would significantly reduce the vehicle control leading to a slip. During braking, the front axle is more weighted on the rear axle (you can see it perfect “przysiadaniu” the whole front of the car when braking hard) so that the front wheels are inhibited more strongly than the rear wheels. Load sensing braking force between each wheel depending on the load and road conditions by limiting the increase in brake fluid pressure of rear wheels compared with the front adjusting the braking force and preventing the so-called “overtaking the front”. The mini-limiting valve is in a braking set and does not allow the rear wheels to lock during sudden braking.
P.S. Thank you for your contribution substantive Flapowi

At no

This year, January is not:
– did not go to the Auctions, I did not have the,
– I went not to honor the start of the Historical Rally of Monte Carlo, because the club did not have proper tires,
– Altonen dokręciłam though not heavily tortured until shrimp are warmed turbine,
but not that bad…
– my story of love for vintage cars took fourth place in the competition Klassikauto
– I talked
My City of Wrocław
– I told
and finally participated in the training, that inspired me to make changes, goes NEW!

Happy time does not count

Weather on driving improvement classes was excellent, may not be the end of our instructors, but the driver had the perfect conditions to ride. Briefly falling snow, continually provide fresh portions of the route down, light frost did not allow the formation of wet slush. Racers cautiously approached the end of travel and went conservative. Packed snow rally the group journeys did so slippery, that women faced a real challenge. Small steps accustomed to the speed and slides, But soon a taste of white madness and the end of the class eagerly, "that was tops". After the courses, even I succumbed to temptation and with Maciek little pozawijaliśmy Shrimp, Altonen but we did not go. Very regretted, I can not try out the snow miniaki, comforted myself with a mini watches (may not be a top-flight but it's just a nice gadget), which are sent to us from Austria.

Our colors are – denim blue i russet brown
By the way, they met another minimaniaków purchase and we have an appointment to meet at IMMI. Check also takes color – registered on the limited to 100 mini Parda after Florence.

The GOCC will not play

Sometimes it is so jumbled and crooked work out, This year I will not continue the glorious tradition of the Low Meadows prosecutions under the GOCC. The reason is simple – I do not have a car, which could go. Drowning is as follows: The Club does not have the right shoes. Old tires for anything longer is not suitable, rubber is porozchodziła, and the right wheel is still leaking air. New tires are already waiting in the room smelling rubber, but must wait for the wheels, which we plan to give to the restoration and painting.
Bubble is gone for a GT looks like:

Sunday and so I will spend on the track instructing drivers on continuing education course – always is some consolation.