Children intuition

My goal is the mission of awareness, What is the Club. I would like to, MINI that users know about the progenitor of his car, were aware of, associate a name with a long nose Clubman and knew, że to mini, but it's only Christmas – New Year's wishes. I am very, that our raisins was a hero of the month and browning on the cover, because although motorist historic motoring fans read it in a sense will also reach a wider audience.
A colleague witnessed just such a conversation in the living room press.
Child: of view mini in the newspaper.
Parent: no co ty, strange. Leave it! Come!

I must admit, that children have an amazing sense and seeing Clubiego intuitively know, it is a Mini. Maybe the size is herein? In any, or if adults occur in the head at a strange car, and the children do not hesitate and you only know!
For most of Sunday, the Club has outdoor and happy spying behavior of people passing by. Walkers paused, viewed, they dismissed the driver or even stopped the car and the kids wytykały your fingers and very glad to face watched. Finally, the car made!
Photo. Jerzy Kossowski


Time to start the countdown. In fact, all the necessary things already gathered and the time for deeds. I feel almost like Victor Frankenstein, the only difference, że nie zamierzam powołać do życia potwora 😉 ale kto wie? Building cars is a big challenge and by the end you can not be sure of the effect, moreover, the comparison will not be surprised insiders. Small swirl in the schedule caused the December Parda MINI, you're going to Clubim. We assumed, that it will be made as early as this period of hibernation and will not gave socially, However, we will not be able to choose the car, bubbles from the weekend because there will be no. I wonder organization and number of cars, because the 50 This birthday was very feebly.
Postcard from Legnica:

The motorist articles clubs!

Tomorrow on sale, Wielun session we had on the way home from the rally in Lask. Only there we managed to rip terms, Finally, to meet, and of course talk to auto show.
Cover and on the month! And that club was a celebrity.
Maciek zakończył posezonowy przegląd silnika i dzięki pomocy Adama i jego dźwigu Clubi ma już serducho na miejscu i jest gotowy na przyjęcie licznych fanów 🙂
P.S. Again, I received two packages – that's a total of six. May conclude with 10 – MINIAK after such a small car!


Our collection of cardboard increased by another for the impossible became possible and Miniak fit in Scorpio.

– okay I admit, only a portion of… but significant.
The steering wheel also have, Now just everything, remove any of the cartons, fold and get on the road!