We will not rest…

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Carried on a wave of success Clubiego vintage cars rallies decided to quite a lot of madness – the creation of the Mini 1275 GT.

Therefore constantly pick up parcels and. We are also experts in all kinds of freight forwarding and courier companies. It is difficult to find a reliable courier but after two months of combat experience bringing the wheels have their favorite. The bottom line is, that delivery takes from any location in the UK. Of course, we also consider the price and the, that not everyone takes unusual shipment gabarytowo. The worst is how the shipment is broadcast in the UK standard mail - Royal Mail. You can track her way only to the Polish border and then falls into the hands of the Polish Post and a black hole. Even the attendant did not throw the box and you have to guess, that the consignment is to receive. Well, that you can call to reception and learn, whether the consignment is already in place. The Lord of the service explained, that advice no longer throw the boxes ao inform the possibility of receiving a package only with SMS, that the shipments from England are not given the recipient's phone number. And this system is ailing.
Crazy tour
On Friday, I received a box spares'owe, not without problems and without the two seals but at least it works on the transmission Clubiego will commence after him and turn to GT.