Autumn Historic Vehicle Rally

and the Bird…
photo. Krasik

I could not decide, the car will go. Common sense prevailed and safety considerations, last two trips have given me a hard time, Now I preferred not to get stressed and end the season at ease. We went bubbles.

At the start of Lodz surprised us with the number of participants, the street was crowded and a bit unlucky chosen place because there was no freedom of maneuver.

We got itinerer and after a short briefing headed by Rzgów to Wolborz. Tasks along the way was a whole lot of, in the heat of battle we missed the answer to one – heat shields on the 30 km. Organizers also watched traffic cards, took the points, give new tasks and went to write down from each other – is new to this type of racing.

The route for me in the first part was routed through the streets with too much traffic, I prefer a quieter road, where you do not have to be so focused.
And I'll repeat, but the rallies organized by Calssic Cars boat are very professionally prepared and so rich in attractions, that can be shared among them several events. The database is always coming tired but happy. Zaliczyliśmy trying Sports, ride on the regularity, parking in alkogoglach, Fire museum visit, marked the route to us and the way itinerer lurked questions, tasks and puzzles.

In the evening we went down to the base – Hotel, where waiting for a formal dinner and announcement of results.

He did not even noticed, Bird that something did not work out, although the organizers have to be a good stress. It was nice to meet befriended crew, talk and gossip. Czujemy się u Was jak w domu 🙂