XV corner – Corners, power

At noon we had planned an early trip to the hydroelectric power plant Dlouhé Stráně. This is one of the world's largest pumped storage, is located in the Landscape Park Jeseníky.

Little time we dłużył, the weather was good and we could laze around soaking up the sun. Finally, we went to the meeting point in the center of the sport, where we could admire the Czechs in professional attire, on professional bikes, raging on the slopes. Our cruise bus arrived and we went to the power plant.

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Historic Vehicle Parade IX Bytom


image of www.bytom.pl
For a moment,, when I had to get up before five dark night flashed through my mind, not to go… We went. We said goodbye boston sun risers, Drizzle greeted Bytom – tradition had to be satisfied. The Market as we stood first and making sure the office, that the event is not canceled, only we are so early, number one we opened Parade. Czytaj dalej →

“Rasta” – price increases?

At the rally, organized by the Automobile Club of Ostrowski there are two cars, which aroused controversy and discussion among participants.
I – participant came all the way from Warsaw in the car in a position visible in the photo and most importantly, with over ninety mother! He received a special award and a storm of applause. I also admire and I applaud, Aliens are among us…

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